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Guests at a country house party, 1889.

Tatton Park Visitors’ Book

Servants’ bells

Kitchen Corridor, Tatton Park

Cartoon drawn by a house guest, 1885.

Tatton Park Visitors’ Book

Jones sewing machine.

Housekeeper’s Sitting Room, Tatton Park
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Life on the Estate

Hidden Histories is an exciting new project where new research will be used to inform the interpretation of the kitchens and servants’ quarters at Tatton Park in Cheshire.

View of the Kitchen at Tatton Park

View of the Kitchen at Tatton Park

The project will uncover collections and archives which relate to the personal histories of those who have lived and worked here and these personal histories will highlight what life was like for staff and servants in the mansion.

Our research will also look at the lifestyles of members of the Egerton family and some of their guests. Tatton Park was the backdrop to many magnificent country house parties and these events provide an opportunity to consider the contrasting life experiences at Tatton, from the family members who hosted the parties and their distinguished guests to the army of servants who made it possible.



‘We will see it through’: Tatton reflects, 1914-18

Discover what life was like living on the estate

Tatton Park Reflects

Our Hidden Histories team of volunteers have uncovered many poignant stories about the men who joined up and swapped their livery for khaki. Visit our fascinating and moving exhibition and discover how the lives of everyone who lived and worked at Tatton Park changed during the First World War.

Exhibition runs until 2nd November.


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