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Tatton Park

New Film Release: Music in Country Houses

Country houses were the ideal homes of the 19th century, where immaculate good taste, education, and connoisseurship were reflected in the art, design and music displayed there. Tatton Park was no exception, find out here…

New Film Release: An Invitation to Dance

In the 19th century dance was an important social skill for women of the gentry and nobility. From the Waltz to the Polka, the Quadrille to the Country Dance, learn more about dance at Tatton Park, and the dancing lessons of Charlotte Lucy Beatrix Egerton in the 1840’s.

New Film Release: Lessons at the Piano Forte

The second of our short films about music at Tatton Park throws light on the musical education of genteel young ladies in the first half of the 19th century. Discover the early musical training of amateur musician Charlotte Lucy Beatrix Egerton (1824-45) of Tatton Park, in ‘Lessons at the Piano Forte’.

New Film Release: Tatton Park - At Home with Music

See the first of four short films here, about the musical life of Tatton Park in the in the early to mid 19th century.

Tatton Park – At Home With Music

Revealed by ancient volumes....

Tatton Park Library description

The fusty shelves of an ancient library can be revelatory places when you are looking to discover the details and dynamics of past lives. » Read more

Discovering hidden technology at Tatton Park

Earlier this year, when Tatton was covered with a blanket of snow, Dr Ian West, an industrial archaeologist from the University of Leicester, explored the estate for the remains of early systems of technology. » Read more


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